Applied Mineralogy

A student of the Applied Mineralogy specialization is offered to acquire both general knowledge and practical skills related to Earth sciences, modern analytical techniques and technology as well as prospecting and management of mineral resources. It is attained thanks to a wide spectrum of basic and advanced courses, including mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, solid state chemistry, crystallography and crystal chemistry, geochronology, gemology and many others. A student is taught how minerals and mineral raw materials are utilized and processed. The problems related to effective and sustainable management of environmental resources and management of wastes and accompanying minerals are also brought up. Moreover, the biochemical, medical, archaeological and cultural heritage-related applications of mineralogical sciences are presented. The examples of deep processing, mining and interpreting of analytical data are presented as well. Therefore, a graduate is thoroughly prepared to take up a job not only related to traditional Earth sciences but also to material science and engineering, environmental engineering, gemology and jewelry, archeology, monument conservation and even to medicine and forensic science.